Our dedicated team led by Fien is renowned in the treatment of stress-related orofacial problems. We can specifically help with the following problems:

  • bruxism and teeth grinding
  • sensitization problems in the referred toothache and earacheorofacial area
  • specific jaw complaints in combination with ligament laxity
  • somatic tinnitus
  • post-operative rehabilitation

We advise most people to first follow our online bruxism training. For some, this is not the best solution. We are experienced in assisting athletes, high stress individuals and VIPs.

Pro-athletes with bruxism

Athletes run a higher risk of damage to their teeth and gums through bruxism or teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can happen during intense exercises, as a result of stress, or even as a result of an injury. In some cases, it is linked to the sport specific diet.

We are experienced in reducing these sport related teeth problems.

High-stress professionals

High levels of stress contribute to the chance bruxism symptoms occur. Certain jobs are linked with high levels of stress, like surgeons, firefighters and military personnel. In these cases stress reduction is not the ideal way to reduce the grinding problem.

We are experienced in reducing bruxism symptoms in high stress professionals.

Very Important Persons

For some persons, asking advice on their bruxism complaints to a regular therapist or coach is not possible.

We have experience in treating very important persons, both on site as during a treatment week in Belgium.

Privacy and confidentiality are secured through a Client Confidentiality Agreement.

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